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Would you want a "families-only" section on airplanes?

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Ever been on a plane and had to sit near a screaming baby or rambunctious kids? Yeah, not fun. But have you ever wished families would just have their own section on the plane?

Well, results from an unscientific online poll out this week from the travel website Skyscanner say close to 60 percent of the more than 2,000 people who responded said they’d like a “families-only” section on airplanes, so they can sit as far away as possible from children. And 20 percent even say they’d prefer child-free flights. Most of the poll’s respondents who wanted a families-only section don’t have young children, by the way. And some of the parents who took part in the survey would actually prefer to sit with other families.

If you’re in favor of the idea, though, you might have to dream on: USA Today says the airlines it checked with haven’t even considered the idea.

Results from Marketplace’s unscientific poll of our 6-person Morning Report crew show that 3 people would vote in favor of a families-only section, 2 people say it depends, and one person would vote no.

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Marketplace Morning Report host Steve Chiotakis says, “Don’t they separate screaming babies from everyone else in church? Can’t they do the same thing on an airplane?” And senior business correspondent Bob Moon is for the idea as long as it’s not done in a discriminatory manner.

The maybe voters said that it would depend on the length of the flight. And the lone no voter said flying on an airplane is already an uncomfortable experience, so why not take the pain.

We want to know what you think. Would you like a families-only section on airplanes?

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