A Lenovo Ideapad netbook.
A Lenovo Ideapad netbook. - 
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Google and Verizon issued a public policy statement Monday outlining their position on net neutrality, the idea that everything going over the internet should be given equal priority. They said they support a free and open web BUT future technologies might require special rules and shouldn't be subject to the same restrictions.

Since that announcement, battle lines have been drawn. Standing against the plan: an FCC commissioner, a ton of bloggers, and even Facebook. As this story matures, we take a look at what the fallout might be.

Steve Henn from our sister program Marketplace joins us to talk about who's aligning where. Amazon and eBay are backing Facebook but not very loudly, big media companies and most internet providers are saying nothing. We also talk to Larry Downes of Stanford University Law School's Center for the Internet and Society who explains what this whole debate might mean for you sitting at home.