Here's how to exit the plane.
Here's how to exit the plane. - 

The Federal Reserve
is amassing the nerve
to do mortgage-buying again.

China is slowing
the rate that it's growing.
The dollar is trailing the yen.

GM's making money --
its forecast is sunny.
That's good for Obama, I'd guess.

Now he can tell voters
his General Motors
investment has been a success.

And then there's the case of JetBlue,
where, apparently, one of the crew
saw a passenger grabbin'
the overhead cabin
and bid her a vulgar adieu.

Having settled the verbal dispute,
he displayed a one-finger salute
and, for his finale,
took beer from the galley
and popped the emergency chute.

The trade deficit's up.
This summer's World Cup
gave sales a push
at Anheuser Busch.
A scandal has freed up the head of HP,
and I'll see you at