Beverly Davis of Cornbread Millionaire.
Beverly Davis of Cornbread Millionaire. - 
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Tess Vigeland: Last week, we met Beverly Davis. Her three-bedroom house in Fairburn, Georgia, went into foreclosure earlier this year. She's trying to raise money to buy back her home at auction. And she's doing it by selling cornbread. As of our last conversation, she had $80,000 to raise.

So we've called her up again, and Beverly, how was the week in cornbread sales?

Beverly Davis: Amazing. I got almost $3,000 in sales and they're still coming in.

Vigeland: So how much more time do you have then, before the goes on the auction block?

Davis: Every Wednesday, the real estate agent and I, we check a certain site that the bank has that lists the homes. And it was not listed today. So, I keep saying 21 days. But you know what, for all I know, they could put it on their next week. My prayer is that they don't put it up until I have raised every single dime.

Vigeland: You told us last time that you were needing another $80,000. You knocked three grand off that, so now it's down to $77,000?

Davis: Yes. Now, the $3,000, I must say this now, I have a very hefty profit margin. So the whole $3,000, even though it's in sales, a portion of it goes to paying the expenses to get the product created and shipped out. And then I leave the profit, and that's what I'm putting to the side to go towards the house. Now, I will tell you this -- and I'm very encouraged by it -- is the opportunity to do another product to get some more sales going. And I'm doing some t-shirts.

Vigeland: What are the t-shirts going for?

Davis: I was going to do $15, but I'm starting to think that's a bit expensive. Ten.

Vigeland: Ten?

Davis: Yeah.

Vigeland: Alright, best of luck.

Davis: Thank you and have a great day.