This morning Bob Moon mentioned a guy we found on Craigslist willing to shell out a $3,000 finder's fee to anyone who can land him a job. Check him out. He's a finance professional with a nice-looking employment history and skills set. He didn't list the companies he's worked for, but I'd guess that's an attempt to remain somewhat anonymous. He's open to a nationwide search and ready to answer your questions!

And just so we're in the clear: We don't get a cut of the action. This is part of a bigger story assessing the success rate of guerrilla marketing yourself in a difficult job market. The U.K.'s Telegraph interviewed a man who was so ready to abandon his usual tactics that he was willing to stand in the middle of traffic, in the pouring rain, with a sign that read: "Please give me a job." He scored one in three hours.

Have you tried anything unusual to find a job in the current climate?