Posted by Melissa Kaplan

For Marketplace Morning Report, Tuesday, August 10, 2010

South Korean police are raiding Google, the U.K. is making bounty hunters out of credit agencies and Tiger Woods isn't pouncing on the put. And then there was that investor who is under court order to make penance for stealing $400,000 by winning it at poker tournaments. How do you make sense of that one? With so much confusing human behavior, we knew there was only one artist we could count on: Bjork.

At least, that accounts for one bridge. The rest were sort of picked at random. Though Stereolab always manages to add a bit of enchantment to the morning casts.

  • Human Behavior -- Bjork Buy
  • Caleidoscopic Gaze -- Stereolab Buy
  • In Mind -- Do Say Make Think Buy
  • Selfish -- Slum Village Buy
  • Brother Down -- Sam Roberts Buy