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Fresh from the oven: A Pop-Tarts store in Times Square

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What’s popping up in New York Times Square? A store for pop-tarts!

Pop-Tarts World” will open on Tuesday, August 10. Among the tasty offerings at the store’s cafe: “Pop-Tarts sushi,” minced Pop-Tarts wrapped in a fruit roll-up, and “Fluffer Butter,” two Pop-Tarts frosted fudge pastries with marshmallow spread in between them.

According to the New York Times, visitors to the 3,200-square-foot store can build their own Pop-Tarts (where they can add frosting, toppings or drizzle) and take away their tasty treats frozen, toasted, microwaved or uncooked. The new store will also have a custom-built vending machine that carries several of the regular Pop-Tart flavors. And shop visitors can enjoy a brief, hourly light show where they will be “frosted” by lights, a feature meant to symbolize sprinkles and being wrapped in foil. Of course, t-shirts and other merchandise will be sold.

Kellogg, Pop-Tarts’ parent company, is banking on the store strengthening the image of the Pop-Tarts brand and connection with consumers. The store joins other food brands, like M&Ms and Hershey, which have opened up near Times Square recently.

Now, I haven’t had a Pop-Tart since I was a little kid, but perhaps this might work. With more stores offering their own breakfast menus, it will be interesting to see who will be able to survive.

Our senior editor, Paddy Hirsch, thinks this might not be such a good idea. “Individually-branded stories that only sell one thing, that are not diversified, are doomed to failure,” he says.

Time will tell. The breakfast table is getting kind of crowded.

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