Posted by Stephen Hoffman

For Marketplace Friday, August 6, 2010

This week I wanted to talk about a song and an artist that I really enjoy listening to and including in the show: RJD2, aka Born Ramble John Krohn. He got his start by DJ'ing parties in Ohio with two turntables a friend bought him ... no word on who bought him a microphone. Legend has it that RJD2 is a play on R2D2 ... on a side note; I wonder how many rappers and DJ's owe their name to Star Wars?

The song I used from him, "Clean Living," was sort of a music joke - it comes after the latest installment of our recurring feature What Were You Thinking" where we meet someone who spends $30 for a of shampoo ... get it? Clean Living ... Shampoo - ha ha.

But jokes aside, his music is a gift for any producer, the beats are smooth but not boring, complex but not competitive. He's so good that I sometimes have to stop myself from using his stuff.

And for all fans of Mad Men who like the theme ... guess what, you like RJD2 too ...



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