The home page of Google pulled up on a computer.
The home page of Google pulled up on a computer. - 
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Google has been so wildly, crazily, spectacularly successful in internet search that the name has become a synonym for search. You Google something. You don't Bing something. You don't Alta Vista some information. Do you ever hear anyone say, "Let me Ask Jeeves that knowledge"? You do not.

But Google is not search, it's just one WAY to search. And while it's the popular now, that's not a guarantee it will stay popular forever. The Roman Empire was pretty popular once upon a time as well.

On today's show we look at what might be coming next with search. Facebook thinks it might have a better approach. It wants to create a more human search structure through something known as social search. Relying on people's opinions instead of Google's traditional mathematical approach.

We speak with search guru John Battelle, one of the founders of Wired magazine. He's written extensively about search in a book and in his own popular search blog.