"Static kill," that is -- pumping in mud & cement. Meanwhile, Congress looks into BP's use of chemical dispersants. And BP is said to be lobbying against a House proposal to ban offshore drilling by companies with more than 10 fatalities. Meaning BP.

Two Middle Eastern countries will ban the BlackBerry. Because they're not secure from terrorists or because the conservative country is want to stop then flow of information?

How will Treasury Sec. Geithner be received by Wall Streeters tonight?

Alan Greenspan says a rising stock market will do more to stimulate the economy than any of the remedies being discussed. And the Bush tax cuts should expire, because they don't pay for themselves.

Transgenic salmon would be first genetically modified animal for consumption

Spirit Airlines' carry-on bag fee has begun

Consumer advocates want more competition in casket market

YouTube allows longer videos. More time for The Rainbow Guy!