Posted by Melissa Kaplan

For Marketplace Morning Report, Monday, July 26, 2010

BP CEO Tony Hayward is on the outs, and that's gotta be a bummer for the guy. I mean, anyone who loves their job as much as Hayward has got to be experiencing shell shock. We wanted to ease the beleaguered leader into his new life out of the spotlight with a mellow collection that could help him forget he was ever let go. Our severance package of sound includes Air, Stereolab and Dosh. Good stuff to sail to.

  • African Velvet -- Air Buy
  • Darkness -- Police Buy
  • Memphis -- Lonnie MacK Buy
  • Wolves -- Dosh Buy
  • Come Andy Play In The Milky Night -- Stereolab Buy
  • The Glow -- RJD2 Buy