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Tess Vigeland: A quick update on a story we aired a couple of months ago about something called haul videos, where people show off all their purchases on You Tube.

You Tube video: Hey guys I just got home from a long day of shopping at the mall and I just wanted to show you what I got from the mall today. This one is $5.80 and it's just a simple gold belt right here.

Turns out we weren't the only ones paying attention. This week J.C. Penney announced it's planning to give gift cards to teens who buy stuff at the store and make videos about their, haul. Penney's says the video stars will explain that the company compensated them for their views. And that could do some damage to what little credibility the hauls did have. Jessica Coen is editor-in-chief of Jezebel.com, an online site that tracks consumer trends for women.

Jessica Coen: In one way it's really positive that girls can become trusted authorities amongst one another. But when you bring money into it, and when you're pushing a product, then your authenticity is at risk.

And as more stores make like J.C. Penney, the F.T.C.'s gonna get involved. Haulers will have to disclose any money they get from retailers. 'Cause then it's called, advertising.