Buke&Gass: Aron Sanchez, left, Arone Dyer.
Buke&Gass: Aron Sanchez, left, Arone Dyer. - 
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Kai Ryssdal: Traveling is great -- unless you have to. Hours upon hours of standing in security lines at the airport, eating lousy conference food when you get there and living out of a suitcase. The fun just kind of gets sucked right out of it.

In our series Road Warriors, producer Michael Raphael is introducing us to the soundtracks that people choose when they're away from home, often working more than nine-to-five.

Today's guest spends a lot of time on the road both listening to and playing music.

Arone Dyer: I'm Arone Dyer and I'm in the band, Buke&Gass, along with my friend Aron Sanchez. When we're on the road, I really enjoy listening to "Disco Balls" by Flying Lotus.

Picture the two of us in the front seats, but the back seat is full of, well, the kick drum, a pillow, the cooler, bags of snack foods. I do enjoy it when it's just eight hours. I really don't like getting a backache or, you know, when my left butt cheek falls asleep and then my right foot gets cramped, my shoulders hurt. Just being in pain is generally the downfall.

"Disco Balls" is something that both of us don't have to analyze. Both of us are super analytical when it comes to songs, but this song is, it just feels good and that's really what it's about. It's something that I can relax to and also move to and also dream off the planet to.

You know, the only part about my "job" that's actually work is the practicing and the stuff where I'm doing hair or I'm making CDs or making t-shirts or e-mails. That's the only part about it that's work but, you know, going on tour is like a vacation.

Ryssdal: We've got a brand new music section on our website. That's where you can check out Arone's other favorites or offer up your own playlist. It's all on our homepage, Marketplace.org.