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For Marketplace Money July 9, 2010


If you read the description for our new music section on Marketplace.org, you know that the music that's played on our show is known as "bridge music" because we use it to link, connect - yes bridge - one story to the next. This week we were lucky. We had a lot of time to play with and I was able to play a couple of my favorite songs for a little longer than normal.

Take for instance "Two Small Cars in Rome" by Jerry Douglass. He was named Musician of the Year by the Country Music Association, and listening to it makes me think of wide stretches of open road, beautiful scenery ... stuff like that. The feature it came out of was all about one family in Louisiana struggling with the question, do I stay with my family and not work, or move away to get a job? It just seemed natural to play the bridge out of it, like this is a song that this guy would play as he was driving.

You might think because I was born and raised on the South Side of Chicago, maybe I wouldn't connect with instrumental country guitar, you'd be wrong.


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  • Two Small Cars in Rome - Jerry Douglass Buy
  • The Glow - RJD2 Buy
  • Cissy Strut - The Meters Buy
  • Blips Drips and Strips - Stereolab Buy

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