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When you think about it, 4th of July weekend was a great time to pull a heist online. People aren't on the computer. They're too busy barbecuing and watching fireworks to notice that someone's stealing their money. But that's exactly what happened over the past weekend and even as early as last week. Some customers of Apple's iPhone app store noticed some odd charges to their accounts recently for apps they never intended to download, some of them were a couple dollars but sometimes up to $100 or more. Meanwhile, in the app store "books" category, some titles you've never heard of - all from the same publisher- were suddenly showing up as best sellers. Apple now says it's identified who was responsible and has kicked them out of the app store. They also advise you check your purchases and change your password.

Joshua Topolsky, editor in chief of the tech site Engadget, brings us up to speed on the story. And John Hering, founder and CEO of the online security company Lookout offers tips on keeping safe online.

We also hear strange news from Iran as Boing Boing's Xeni Jardin tells us about a new "robot man".