Blame librarian ingenuity; as attendance as begun to fall in public libraries, our literary guardians have been finding creative ways to get the public back in. One Dallas mall is finding success operating a library within an upscale mall. Some are also flourishing within cafes and drive-thrus, offering a lure to young readers. Convenience is a key ingredient to the locations' success.

The libraries that have been successful have also found creative ways to present themselves to the public beyond just location. Many run programs to engage younger readers. The number of these nontraditional libraries available remains uncertain, says the Associated Press:

The American Library Association doesn't have a comprehensive list of how many libraries are in malls or shopping centers but has an informal tally of around two dozen such branches. One of those opened as far back as the 1960s, but the idea seemingly has grown in popularity in the last decade. Some locations are arranged like traditional libraries, while others resemble a bookstore. There's also a handful of libraries with arts centers, museums and even apartment buildings.