Submitted by Richard Reed

Morrisville, VT.

I usually listen to audiobooks on my mp3 player but when I do listen to music, a lot of times it's the 'Anthem of the Sun' album by The Grateful Dead. Other favorites are 'If I Were a Bell' from Miles Davis' Live at the Blackhawk album, and 'Mozart's Requiem.'

As far as the Dead go, I've been a fan since 1967. 'Anthem' is an early album of theirs and the first side is a pretty intricately mixed combination of several different live dates and studio work. Brings me back to my college days! I've grown up with jazz and have been listening to it since I was 10 years old. Just can't be without it for very long. The Miles Davis piece I cited is a masterpiece of tight ensemble playing combined with some sparkling improvisation. As for the Mozart, it was the first serious choral piece I ever sang. I always think of my late father when I hear it.

  • Anthem Of The Sun - Grateful Dead


  • If I Were A Bell (Live) - Miles Davis


  • Mozart: Requiem In D Minor, Benedictus - The London Festival Orchestra