By Kai Ryssdal

A quick request to help out with an interview we've got scheduled for next Thursday.

I'll be Aspen, Colo., next week for the Aspen Ideas Festival. It's a week-long chance to sit back and think big thoughts with some of the smartest people I've ever seen gathered in one place.

I'm not one of them -- the smart people. I'm moderating a couple of panels that they're on.

Anyway, I'm sitting down with Evan Williams and Biz Stone -- the guys who founded Twitter -- on Tuesday before a panel they're doing.

Do me a favor and take a second to send along a question or two you'd like to ask.

You can do it via Twitter. Just use the hashtag #Q4Twitter so we can find it.

And if If you're not on Twitter, you can just post it as a comment below.

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