That's a lot of iPhones. Preorders made for about 600,000 of those so 1.1 million were new sales over the weekend, so people either buying online or going in to the store to get one. A year ago, Apple sold 1 million of the iPhone 3GS in the first weekend, a year before that it was 1 million of the 3G. This sales figure is obviously a big one but it's especially interesting in light of all the trouble with crashing web sites, unexpectedly canceled orders, inventory problems, and numerous accounts of phone calls dropping when you touch the antenna.

CNET reports that the problem with the dropped calls may not actually be with the hardware of the antennae but software related. They say Apple may issue a patch very soon.

Also, Steve Jobs says there is no reception issue. He added that Oceania has always been at war with Eurasia.

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