The noble walrus is not native to the Gulf of Mexico.
The noble walrus is not native to the Gulf of Mexico. - 

So Obama's made himself commander in chief
of a war that can end in nothing but grief.
He can't stop the oil and he can't save the reef,
and he can't give the walruses -- I mean pelicans -- any relief.

While the BP guy who wants his life back
is fighting a war where his only attack
is from Congress, who really can't make him do jack.
He can promise them money and stay in the black.

The new iPhone's arrival was greeted with glee --
those who are into the early adopt
attempted to buy one from AT&T
and were told I'm sorry, your call has been dropped.

The French can retire at 60 today,
but it's looking like that'll be going away.
They will soon have to wait until age 62.
In English we have a saying: boo-hoo.

Disneyland workers can change their clothes.
The women can lose the pantyhose
And Afghanistan's sitting on mineral wealth,
which is good for their wallet but bad for their health.

And deflation is something you're starting to see
in the price of your food and a big-screen TV.
You can even see me read this poem for free --
that's even more cheap than a share of BP!
If you want to watch it you know where to be:
it'll soon be at