A Yahoo! billboard in San Francisco
A Yahoo! billboard in San Francisco - 
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by Jennifer Collins

Yahoo is rolling out new features that will allow ts users to view Facebook content on Yahoo sites. Yahoo is hoping this will rev up demand for its flailing business.

Yahoo's been in tech about as long as many of us have been online, and technology analyst Barry Fox says that's a long time in digital years. "I'm old enough to remember when Yahoo was the main search engine," he notes. Then came Google, and Yahoo's been losing market share ever since.

Fox says Yahoo is hoping to link up with Facebook and keep people plugged in that way. You won't have to leave Yahoo to know what your Facebook friends are doing. It'll also allow you to keep track of Yahoo services, like the photos on Flickr, through your Facebook page. Fox says Yahoo needs to keep eyeballs on its pages in order to keep its business relevant. "Really what this is about is getting people to look at the advertising that is on these sites," he says.

For Facebook, this deal connects its nearly 500 million users back to Facebook in yet another way.