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from the BBC's Steven Duff in Aberdeen, Scotland

Donald Trump has found himself in a controversy yet again. This time, the issue is a championship golf club he's trying to build in Scotland. Three property owners there are refusing to sell land that's an essential part of his development.

For five years, Donald Trump has been trying to build on sand dunes on Scotland's Northeast coast, saying it will "top any golf course anywhere in the world." But campaign group Tripping Up Trump has bought a piece of land right in the middle of the development, and it's refusing to sell. But Trump claims the project is still on track and has caused a bit of a stir in Scotland by criticizing the property owners.

"In the United States we call it a slum," says rebel homeowner Michael Forbes. "His property is a pig sty. It's terrible. So he's over here miscalling me again is he? Throwing more tantrums. Childish. Is that the way to do business?"

The protestors want hundreds of people to become co-owners of the land, which would create a legal headache for the company and the local authority if they force them to sell.

In Aberdeen, I'm the BBC's Steven Duff reporting for Marketplace.