TechCrunch is featuring a Charlie Rose interview with Yuri Milner, co-founder and CEO of Digital Sky Technologies.  In light of Mark Zuckerberg's Washington Post op-ed, Milner made two comments that caught my eye.  He said that Facebook will unify "all civilization" (it's a pretty bold statement, but probably not surprising since his company poured $200 million into Facebook last year).  He also referred to something he called "Zuckerberg law," which he described as : "Every 12-18 months the amount of information being shared between people is doubling. Basically means that people at large don't really see that as a huge concern." 

People may be giving up more of their information.  But, if there weren't concern about it, I doubt Zuckerberg would have told the world today in the Washington Post that Facebook will be making it easier to control privacy settings.  We'll see in the coming weeks what that really means. /la