You say you're just interested in the articles, right? Well, now Playboy is launching a website that's safe for work - which should make office workers interested in browsing the magazine's, ahem, non-pictorial content happy. That'd be the celebrity interviews, short fiction stories and ranking lists.

The site is called TheSmokingJacket.com and will feature no nudity. It will be launched in the coming months, though a specific date hasn't been announced.

The current site has a message that says:

"TheSmokingJacket.com is the safe-for-work website that brings you everything you love about men's entertainment and the Internet -- minus the stuff that'll get you into hot water at the office! Enter your e-mail address below so we can notify you when TheSmokingJacket.com goes live!"

Playboy Enterprises reported a net loss of $1 million in the first quarter of the year. During the same quarter last year, it reported a loss of $13.7 million.

Do you think a work-friendly Playboy site would even work?

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