Well, of course Ze Frank is one of the top people on the whole interweb. Smart, funny, humane, extraordinarily talented. So he made that song that you see there. Even more interesting than the song, however, is how it all came together. You can read about it here and you really should. But I'm also intrigued by what that page says about audio on the web. There's a belief in public radio circles that No One Clicks On Audio Links. That you're better off with a YouTube of a brick wall and your audio because that would get more clicks than audio. I'm not sure that's true. Pandora has never been stronger. Last.FM is a popular site. And this site Ze made is gorgeous and I clicked every item and listened. We've been kicking around the idea of bonus audio on this site when there's something really interesting from an interview that just doesn't fit in the broadcast. I now have more faith that it can be done. And, thanks to Ze, I also have more faith in people.

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