Don't get excited --
it isn't decided.
Just beware
that U.S. Air
has been invited
by United
to prepare
to share
their fare.

Now, that might be unrequited
or it might ignite
a fight
if their competitors despair
and have the pair

Obama backs
a banking tax
while Citigroup and Goldman Sachs
and Alan Greenspan, Charles Prince
and Robert Rubin are all convinced
they're not the ones we should condemn.
Mistakes were made, but not by them.

Geithner's in Beijing.
this spring.
He's been bringing up
the currency thing.
It doesn't have to leap,
just let it creep.
Don't keep it so bleeping cheap.

Jobless benefits expire,
mortgage rates are getting higher.
Toyota was fined,
the birth rate declined,
and Apple released a "pad" of some kind.

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