Apple says it will unveil a new version of the iPhone operating system at an event on Thursday, April 8. Several tech Web sites have already outlined and speculated on what upgrades we may see.

Among the features that may be included in the next version of the software: multitasking and integrated ads. Multitasking has been considered a weakness of the iPhone, especially in comparison to other smartphones, but most tech analysts expect that to change with the new software.

Meanwhile, the new operating system may also include a new mobile ad platform.

From CNET:

Apple got into a tug-of-war with Google over AdMob last year--and lost. Apple settled for Quattro Wireless, another mobile advertising company, which it bought in January. Since the purchase, Apple has been mum about its plans for Quattro within Apple, but the event on Thursday could serve as a coming-out party for a new advertising platform that is integrated with the iPhone software development kit.

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