A vast majority of the 300,000 iPads sold on Saturday were broken in traditionally. But Pittsburgh high school student Justin Kocott had something else in mind.

After purchasing the $500 digital tablet from Best Buy, Kocott took the product out of the box, grabbed a baseball bat . . . and knocked it around a few times with some of his friends. He captured the event on YouTube, where it's garnered thousands of views since it was posted on Saturday. Towards the end of the video he shares his reasoning: "It's fun."

Do you view this as a highly political act, a response to rampant capitalism? Or a monumental waste? Share your thoughts below.

UPDATE: Honestly, we don't endorse the destruction of iPads, but Facebook Fan Doug Frisk pointed us to yet another (more tasteful) video of an iPad in its final hours from the always-entertaining video series Will it Blend. Enjoy, or loath, whichever you prefer:

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