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KAI RYSSDAL: This being a Friday, let's say we take a break from the big news of the week and find out what didn't make it onto the radio. Stuff you might be talking about at, say, a dinner party this weekend. We do it courtesy of Brendan Newnam, Rico Gagliano and the rest of the Marketplace staff.

Brendan Newnam: Dalasie Michaelis, web developer at Marketplace. What story are you going to be talking about this weekend?

Dalasie Michaelis:Well, there's this new bar in New York called "The Exchange," where the prices of drinks are based on supply and demand within the bar.

Newnam: So it's like a mini stock market?

Michaelis:Exactly. They actually have tickers around the bar that show the price of drinks at any given moment.

Newnam: That's amazing. I always hedge my Budweiser with a shot of whiskey.

Rico Gagliano: John Haas, editor at Marketplace. What story are you going to be talking about this weekend?

John Haas: Well, India and Bangladesh have been fighting over this mile-long island since the 1970s and a researcher was looking at satellite photographs this weekend -- the island's gone.

Gagliano: What?

Haas: Yeah. They assume that because of global warming, it just disappeared back into the sea.

Gagliano: But see, now there's going to be a new war as pacifists and environmentalists fight over who gets the use of that metaphor.

Newnam: Stacey Vanek-Smith, senior reporter at Marketplace, what's your story?

Stacey Vanek-Smith: Well, the Christian Science Monitor reports this week that a British department store has started a divorce registry service.

Newnam: A divorce, like the opposite of a marriage registry?

Vanek-Smith: Right, 'cause when you get divorced, you know, you lose half your stuff, so you have to register to have your friends help you out and get it back.

Newnam: This is unbelievable. We have to buy stuff when they get married and then we have to buy stuff for them when they get divorced?

Vanek-Smith: Yes.

Newnam: How about a single person registry?

Ryssdal: The podcast is called "The Dinner Party Download."