The 2010 Vancouver winter Olympics were to have been the greenest in history and there's no shortage of hits when you search for "Green Olympics 2010." But how green were they, really? Did the Olympic organizers and promoters succeed at their mission, did they wash it green, or did they just wish the games were green? A quick roundup:

There's the official story. There's the David Suzuki Foundation overview, scorecard (they got a bronze), and press release. The NYT highlights new-fangled Zambonis.

Blog-wise, the Vancouver Examiner has a host of posts, and there's also the local skeptic. Then there are the summarizing believers here and here, the accountability crew, and the open-ended inquiry. Other skepticism addresses various kinds of construction, like the ski slopes (plus the lack of snow.)

There's more than I could read - what stories have you found to support a Green, Green-washed, or Green-wished argument for the 2010 Vancouver winter Olympics?