Woman gets Botox syringe in her upper lip
Woman gets Botox syringe in her upper lip - 
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Steve Chiotakis: So: stumped on what to get your sweetheart for Valentine's Day? How about Botox in bulk? A New York doctor has launched a Web-based site that offers batches of the youth serum at a discount. Marketplace's Jennifer Collins smooths it all out.

Jennifer Collins: A single visit to a Botox doctor can run you upwards of $750. But buy 10 treatments in bulk at TheBotoxBank.com and you'll save three grand.

Dr. Jack Berdy started The Botox Bank to keep clients coming to his office in a tough economy. Eventually, he hopes to work with a network of doctors that operate not unlike bank branches across the country.

Jack Berdy: Maybe a little more stable than Bank of America or some of those.

He hopes. Los Angeles resident Janiss Garza is skeptical. She admits to having been touched up, but buying in bulk?

Janiss Garza: I'm not interested in saving money. I'm interested in having a good doctor.

Garza says she's seen too many cases of facial freshening gone bad.

Candace Corlett of WSL Strategic Retail says Berdy's approach has potential:

Candace Corlett: Botox centers would have to offer savings as well as the convenience of being able to drop in and get your Botox, no appointment necessary.

For now, Corlett says this Costco of Botox may be a bit ahead of its time.

I'm Jennifer Collins for Marketplace.