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Listeners on wedding gift requests

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TESS VIGELAND: At the end of last week’s show, we took a look at the do’s and don’ts of asking for wedding gifts. Specifically, the cash kind. We asked Emily Yoffe to give us her perspective. She’s also known as “Dear Prudence” at And here’s what she said about diving for dollars as you say “I do.”

Emily Yoffe: You just can’t say, “Hey, don’t go shopping for me. Here’s my PIN number. Make a deposit.”

Vigeland laughing

Prudie also frowned on listing gift registries on the wedding invitation. Well knock me over with a china set, you also had something to say about this. Here’s a sampling.

Norris Wooten: I think asking for donations to charity is a great idea. But suggesting help with the wedding expenses or gifts to pay for a house is unforgivably rude.

Carla Willis: I think our modern era is in need of rethinking gift-giving etiquette, in an age in which we are overwhelmed with stuff.

Please Prudence, don’t add to our problems. Help us find a way to politely help gift givers give something that will be appreciated and not something that will be a burden.

KC Cassidy: I received a wedding invitation and thought, “Thank heavens, they included a registry list.” We are old, but out-of-town friends and spreading the word through family and friends would not have worked in this case. And as it turned out, we got them something she will appreciate every time she cooks.

JoAnne Archinal: I’m sorry, but I’m nearly 50, and I would much rather have an invitation that lists where the couple is registered and purchase them a gift from that registry. And if I don’t make it to that store, I’ll write them a check. It’s easy, and you don’t give someone something they do not want.

Vigeland: Those were listeners Norris Wooten, Carla Willis, KC Cassidy and JoAnne Archinal.

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