Bill Radke: And finally, here's all the business news this week in 60 seconds. This is the Marketplace Minute:

What a week NBC has had:
Two hosts failing,
both of them mad,
both of them blaming their boss Jeff Zucker --
publicly calling the man a flawed executive.

So now it's back to scripted shows --
Very expensive. As everyone knows
And for all of the hassle and all of the money,
if you're under 50, Jay Leno's not funny.

Financial Crisis Inquiry Commission
gave bankers permission
to take the position
that by definition
it's market conditions
and not their ambitions
that caused the ignition.

No recognition
that bad acquisitions
should lead to suspicion.
So much for contrition.

The president says he wants to seize
the moment to impose some fees.
Fees on the banks that were almost destroyed.
Fees that their lawyers will learn to avoid.

Ford Fusion is car of the year.
Heineken's buying Dos Equis beer.
Frozen orange juice prices climb.
The oranges were frozen ahead of time.

And Google is telling China goodbye,
but Beijing has blocked me from telling you why.
So that's all for me.
Bu yao ke qi.
And I'll see you at

This is Marketplace Morning Report. In Los Angeles, I'm Bill Radke.