The Apple logo of a store in Munich, Germany.
The Apple logo of a store in Munich, Germany. - 
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Bill Radke: iTunes may soon be offering a TV subscription. The Wall Street Journal reports Apple is in talks to offer programming from CBS and the Walt Disney Company -- which owns ABC and other networks. Marketplace's Jennifer Collins reports on the latest in the Internet TV race.

Jennifer Collins: Normally, you'd flip on your flat screen for this kind of show:

Survivor: The winner of Survivor Samoa: Natalie.

But Apple wants you to turn to your computer screen. The Journal reports the company is in talks with CBS and Disney to offer programs on iTunes. A subscription might run you $30 a month.

James McQuivey of Forester research says that may be too much, but Apple's definitely starting with the right networks.

James McQuivey: Disney is the holder of much content -- not just ABC, but ABC family and disney XD and a whole range of other content that people are more likely to pay for because its for their children.

Apple wants to compete with big media like Comcast, Time Warner and Verizon. Those companies already have online subscriptions in the works. Thing is, Apple offers more screens thanks to all of those iPhones and iPods out there.

Laura Didio is with consulting firm ITIC:

Laura Didio: If Apple were able to sign up enough networks, this could really change the economics of the TV landscape and business as we know it.

Adams Media Research reported Internet spending on movies and TV shows is expected to surpass a billion dollars next year. That's double what people spent last year.

I'm Jennifer Collins for Marketplace.