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KAI RYSSDAL: This final note: We find ourselves on another Friday afternoon, wanting a break from the big news and ready to hear what didn't make the headlines. Courtesy of Brendan Newnam, Rico Gagliano and the Marketplace staff.

A word before we begin: Menu items one and two aren't necessarily meant for younger ears.

Brendan Newnam:Stacey Vanek-Smith, senior reporter for Marketplace, what's your story?

Stacey Vanek-Smith: Well, a man in Japan just got married to a virtual girl from a video game.

Newnam: And they say that video games make people isolated and act strange.

Vanek-Smith: Yeah, clearly, that's not the case here! It was part of a video game called "Love Plus" and there was a virtual lady and they got married.

Newnam: I guess it's one way to stop cyber sex -- virtual marriage.

Vanek-Smith: The virtual headache. It's coming.

Rico Gagliano: George Judson, managing editor, what story are you going to be talking about this weekend?

George Judson: There will be no sidewalk Santas in New York this year.

Gagliano: I don't understand. What?

Judson: Well, the sidewalk Santas work for the Volunteers of America and there's no money to pay them.

Gagliano: I don't get it. Sidewalk Santas...?

Judson: The men in Santa costumes collecting money for the needy?

Gagliano: There's only one Santa, George. And he lives in the North Pole.

Judson: I think I need to tell you something.

Gagliano: I'm not listening.

Newnam: Millie Jefferson, production assistant at Marketplace. What story are you going to be talking about this weekend?

Millie Jefferson: Well, apparently North Korea is putting its first pair of designer jeans on the market.

Newnam: Are you serious?

Jefferson: Yeah, they're going to be sold in Sweden for 215 American dollars.

Newnam: Wow, so the nuclear centrifuge everyone was concerned about was really this humongous stonewashing machine.

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