People eat in a Wendy's in New York City
People eat in a Wendy's in New York City - 
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Steve Chiotakis: Struggling hamburger chain Wendy's is trying to regain its foothold in the "better burger" department. This week, it's introducing a new specialty burger to go with its new advertising slogan, "You know when it's real." As reporter Joel Rose tells us, it's part of the latest battle in the ongoing Burger Wars.

Joel Rose: A generation ago, Wendy's was asking: "Where's the beef." Now the question is: Where's the beef from?

Wendy's commercial: With applewood-smoked bacon that's fresh-cooked, not pre-cooked. On hot, juicy, North American beef.

The market for premium burgers is growing. And Wendy's isn't the only chain trying to get a bite of it. McDonald's is pushing its new Angus burgers. And the field has gotten more crowded, says Scott Hume, editor of

Scott Hume: So you've got Five Guys Burgers and Fries. And you've got regular restaurants that before would've turned up their nose at putting a burger on the menu now doing fancy burgers of their own. The result of all this is a lot of pressure.

Wendy's management is feeling pressure to improve the company's performance since the burger chain merged earlier this year with Arby's.

I'm Joel Rose for Marketplace.