A water tower rises above the trees in Elkhart, Indiana.
A water tower rises above the trees in Elkhart, Indiana. - 
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Kai Ryssdal: President Obama will find himself in North Central Indiana tomorrow. He'll be talking about the economy, as he does pretty much every time he goes there. Most recently it was in February when he was pushing his economic stimulus plan. The president's been making the trek to Elkhart, Ind., since back when he was just plain old Senator Obama campaigning for a promotion. We asked Tamara Keith to tell us why.

TAMARA KEITH: Elkhart County has become a symbol in this recession. The area specializes in RVs, and much like autos and real estate, that business is struggling.

Michael Desch is chairman of the political science department at the nearby University of Notre Dame.

MICHAEL DESCH: Elkhart is the representative for a lot of the country of the ravages of the economic downturn. So, you know, going there plays well in Peoria.

Or Wichita, or Omaha or Des Moines. Also Desch says Indiana is one of the states candidate Obama was able to turn from red to blue.

DESCH: I'm sure it's not lost on the president's political advisers that keeping in touch with a state like Indiana is very important in terms of maintaining his electoral viability in the next election.

The 2012 election is just 1,190 days away.

In Washington, I'm Tamara Keith for Marketplace.