I'm not sure which part of this story is more poignant: the fact that Amazon is going into your personal device to remove 1984 and Animal Farm OR that there's a comment in the story from a guy named Kafka.

Regardless, it's a pretty interesting situation. The original works sold were unauthorized and illegal but Amazon's terms of service stipulate that once you've bought something, it's yours. So is it still yours if Amazon shouldn't have sold it? Is it my problem if Amazon screwed up? But then again, if I buy a stolen car, is it mine to drive around?

I think this is an illustration of the fact that the more complicated you make your terms of service/ licensing/ DRMs/ hoozy-whatsits, the more problems you'll have. Sell me an orange, that's my orange, done. Make me agree to terms, you're creating problems for everyone.

Still and all, Amazon reaching into my Kindle? Stop that, Amazon!