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Steve Chiotakis: Here's some information you probably already know: It is tax day. And in this day of let-me-tell-the-world-wide-web-what-I'm-doing-at-every-second, we figured it'd nice to hear from some procrastinating tax thoughts from people on Twitter. As voiced by some of the folks here in the office at Marketplace.

Tax twit 1: OK, I am really, really going to finish my taxes today. Really. I mean it. Not kidding. At all. Really.

Tax twit 2: I need to do my taxes -- or fake my own death.

Tax twit 3: Shhhhh, don't tell anyone. I called in sick to work today. Gotta get my taxes done.

Tax twit 4: I heard someone talking about taxes today? When do we have to have those done?

Tax twit 5: Death and taxes. At least we only die once.