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Shooting pirates and TV pilots

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Reality TV knows no bounds. The day after Navy snipers took out three Somali pirates is the perfect time, it seems, for Spike TV to announce a new reality show — Pirate Hunters, USN. The US Navy will allow cameras on board two warships as they track down pirates off the coast of Africa.

The show’s producers are rooting for more violent confrontations:

“By all accounts it will get worse, pirates will get more deadly and certainly the Navy will try to counter that,” said Rasha Drachkovitch, president of 44 Blue Productions.

“We are thrilled to be front and center with the Navy on such an important mission,” says Sharon Levy, senior vice president, original series for Spike, announcing the pilot. “The access we have will really give our viewers the kind of heart-stopping action they have come to expect from Spike programming.”

If the hour-long special is particularly heart-stopping, Spike says, it might get picked up as a mini-series.

Oooh, maybe the pirates will do a deal with Fox, and they’ll have their own show. They could let one hostage go per episode, and the hostages get to choose which one is allowed off the ship! What fun!

Or how about “Who Wants to Marry a Pirate?” — a behind-the-scenes look at dating on the high seas. The Matchmaker could give tips like, “never take an AK-47 on the first date. It tends to put her on the defensive.”

I better stop. I haven’t secured the rights yet.

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