Intel President and CEO Paul Otellini
Intel President and CEO Paul Otellini - 
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One weekend afternoon in the spring of 1968, physicist Gordon Moore dropped by the home of his college friend Robert Noyce. It was on this day that the two agreed to join together to launch a new company to pursue large-scale integrated computer memory. Intel Corporation was born and the company was officially launched in July of that year.

Moore and Noyce were soon joined by Andy Grove. In just three years, Intel developed the first microprocessor in the industry. That year Intel also introduced the world's first erasable, programmable memory, the EPROM. And a year later the company unveiled one of the first microcomputers in the world.

Microprocessors remain a dominant part of the business for Santa Clara, Calif.-based Intel. Today, some of the nation's biggest computer makers use Intel processors, including Dell and Hewlett Packard. And more than half of Intel's revenues are generated from the Asia-Pacific region.