Question: I am an Assistant Professor beginning my tenure process. The short story: depending on the tenure process, this time next year, I may or may not have a job a year after the tenure decision. Currently, I am "maxed" out on my supplemental giving.

Is this the wise thing? Should I continue to max out for the future, or should I be building a nest egg for the near future that is also liquid? To me this is a tricky question, because now is a good time to be investing for the long run. But having cushion might be a smart thing to do. Thanks, Jake, Doylestown, PA

Answer: Good luck with the tenure review and decision.. I would continue to participate in the retirement savings plan. This way you'll continue to invest for the long haul. But I would back off on investing extra into the supplemental portion of your pension plan. Instead, I'd focus on building up short-term savings. The reason is that you may have to move in the next year or two if you don't get tenure. Its always expensive to pull up stakes and set up home in another part of the country. Of course, I hope the tenure decision goes your way.

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