Alright, it's time to channel your inner poet. I thought we'd try a little poetry slam about the economy. A couple things prompted this idea. Yesterday, our foreign editor John Buckley sent me the Wordsworth poem "Daffodils" in a cheer-up effort I suppose, since the news has been so crappy this week. Then, I overheard host Tess Vigeland doing a run-through of Marketplace before the show, and she accidentally pronounced the word economics like acheonomics. That was spontaneous poetry if I've ever heard it.

So I wrote a little poem, and I'll tell you what. I feel better. If you feel inspired, add a little poem to the comments section. Just a couple lines if you want.

I'll start it off. Here's my poem, with title inspiration from Tess :)


I've never been tickled with money

But I bet it hurts

Credit cards don't cut

They slide easily

But try picking a lock with debt

Try picking a stock instead


Eight thousand points less

Wall Street was a Dutch defense

More Hedge than Wall

Didn't keep out the Brits

Or the Twits, at all

When Bears attack

Don't run

According to Wikipedia

But Bulls can catch you too.