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The Capitol Power Plant in Washington, D.C. provides coal-fired energy for Capitol Hill - 


Bill Radke: A group called Capitol Climate Action is planning a rally today in Washington D.C. to raise awareness on global warming. The target: an an old coal-fired power plant, just south of the Capitol. It provides electricity to Capitol Hill. Ronni Radbill has more.

Ronni Radbill: The coalition is bringing out a heavy hitter to bolster its cause, running an ad on YouTube with actress Susan Sarandon.

Susan Sarandon: The American people will take a stand at Congress's own coal-fired power plant, a glaring symbol of coal's hold over our government.

Some Congressional Democrats want the Capitol Power Plant to switch from coal to natural gas in an effort to cut carbon emissions.

But with the right technology, Joe Lucas with Clean Coal Electricity says coal can be an environmentally friendly option.

Joe Lucas: It will be necessary for us to have these technologies if we are to achieve our goal of reducing greenhouse gas emissions on a global scale.

It remains to be seen just how tough the White House will be when it comes to coal. But under the new administration, the Environmental Protection Agency recently halted approval of a coal plant in South Dakota.

In Washington, I'm Ronni Radbill for Marketplace.