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Marketplace Scratch Pad

Are You Ready?

Scott Jagow Feb 9, 2009

Hello… I’m excited to be your host for the Marketplace Scratch Pad! Since this is our first day together, I have a short pop quiz. It’s pretty easy.

The blogosphere is:

  1. The layer of the earth’s atmosphere where airplanes fly.
  2. A closed ecological system in the Arizona desert powered by solar panels.
  3. The internet’s collective discourse, where people share opinions and experiences.

A blogger is:

  1. A 1980’s video game that involves jumping on lily pads.
  2. Someone who cuts down trees that start with the letter “B.”
  3. A person who provides news and commentary by writing on the internet.

Blogging is to journalism as:

  1. A nail is to a chalkboard.
  2. A cherry is to a sundae.
  3. Ask again later.

Ahhh, the last one’s a toughie. Blogging is here to stay, but it’s still a gray area for us. I believe blogging can enhance the news experience and provide a positive new outlet for people.

The goal of this blog is a healthy, respectful dialogue about what’s happening in the economy. I can’t promise to heal your 401-K, but I think we can gain a better understanding of what the heck is going on. And I’ll do my best to find “bright spots” because we cannot survive on economic doom and gloom alone, now can we?

Welcome to the Marketplace Scratch Pad.

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