Question: For the first time in my life, I actually did my taxes earlier than usual. All this talk of stimulus packages, however, has me wondering: should I hold off on mailing my tax return? Are there any plans you know of in the house or senate that might affect typical 2008 tax returns? After not procrastinating on my taxes, I would hate to have to file an amendment at the last minute. Thanks. Ben, Madison, WI

Answer: Well, you're way ahead of me. Hopefully, you're getting a refund. If that's the case, file and get the money back fast from Uncle Sam.

The fiscal stimulus package is still being negotiated and much could change between now and the President signing legislation. Still, it looks like most of the individual tax changes kick in for 2009 and after. If you're interested in (a lot) more detail, check out this analysis by the tax specialists at CCH, .

By the way, filing an amended return to get even more money back? It's easy and well worth it.

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