Sustainable Industries predicts that in 2009, going green will go down -- because everyone's done it. Thanks to its prevalence, it's harder for companies to get noticed when they do something green, and consumers have become more "mature" about greenwashing. Now, an "authentic story" is key.

I hope they're right - I'm sick of everyone "going green." Give me authenticity!

Those of us on the Greenwash Brigade go on and on about standards, and here I go again.

Business leaders, I ask for carbon footprint labeling on every item you sell!

The UK already has almost two years' experience with carbon footprint labeling, thanks to Carbon Trust. The label "shows the total greenhouse gas emissions from every stage of the product's lifecycle," including production, transportation, preparation, use and disposal. Is it perfect? Probably not - but it gives consumers a yardstick to compare products when shopping.

Plus, it's cute. I might buy even a pair of socks just because of the cute foot on the tag. Or a t-shirt with the label printed on the front.

Readers - what do you want businesses to do to send greenwashing down?