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Scott Jagow: Florida has lost more jobs than any other state from the financial crisis fallout. Florida's unemployment rate is now 7 percent. But surprisingly, Florida's tourism industry is one place where there are jobs. Marketplace's Dan Grech reports from WLRN in Miami.

Dan Grech: Florida's tourism industry actually gained 1,300 jobs in the past year. Hotel openings like the Gansevoort South Beach and the refurbished Fontainebleau helped account for that growth.

Rolando Aedo is with the Greater Miami Convention and Visitor's Bureau. He says tight travel budgets can work in Florida's favor:

Rolando Aedo: Tourists will still want to have a tropical, cosmopolitan experience, and fortunately Miami is well positioned to deliver on that.

Cruise lines are another attraction for budget travelers. Florida-based Carnival Cruise Lines is expanding its offerings at the Miami and Jacksonville ports. Carnival spokeswoman Jennifer de la Cruz says in these tough times, cruise lines can also do the traveling.

Jennifer de la Cruz: We spread our ships all around the country to reach the regional population bases in those areas that can drive to us. Which makes the total vacation cost a very good deal for people.

Cruises start for as little as $50 per person per day, including food and entertainment.

In Miami, I'm Dan Grech for Marketplace.