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Bill Radke: Politics have certainly been good business for the news media. Hundreds of millions of people watched the four presidential and vice presidential candidate debates, including last night's final one. Now, CNN is trying to build on all the attention with a foray into the comedy business. From Atlanta, Georgia Public Broadcasting's Susanna Capelouto reports.

Susanna Capelouto: Every Saturday night, comedian D.L. Hughley will take a comedic look at the week's news. The CNN show will dish out humor on everything from politics and entertainment to sports and pop culture.

Kelly McBride with the Poynter Institute says the move to be funny is very calculated:

Kelly McBride: Every newsroom in America is looking for ways to expand and connect with new audiences.

McBride says the hardest part for Hughley will be to stand up to competition.

McBride: One of the biggest questions is whether CNN can do this on the same level that John Stewart or Steven Colbert is doing it. That's the biggest threat.

The Daily Show and the Colbert Report on Comedy Central often use CNN clips to spoof the day's news. Hughley's show, however, is not scheduled to use such video.

In Atlanta, I'm Susanna Capelouto for Marketplace.