Sometimes we Californians forget that there is a winter out there... and it's a-comin'. No sign for the first four hours of my commute from Denver to Lincoln, Nebraska, today:

Not so much for the last four hours of the commute:

Heard the market tanked again today. Bailout schmailout, eh? Well I have to say in the (very) brief conversations I had at rest stops along I-80, folks are more into the drop in gas prices than the drop in their 401ks.

Arrived in Lincoln just in time for dinner with the wonderful Landis-McKibbin family. We talked about the economy while dining on chicken and veggies (first homecooked meal of the trip!). Oh... and let me tempt your tastebuds with dessert:

They're confused, angry, and very wise about how Wall Street got itself -- and the rest of us -- into this mess. More on Wednesday's Marketplace. That's all for tonight... more tomorrow... must... sleep... now...

Meet me in St. Louis?

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